Post 621: What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

Push To Talk – $23

post 621 ptt

Perfect working order PTT, about a 6 ft long coiled cord and a non stick pad on the back so as to avoid slipping on your yolk.

Merry Christmas Eve! Sparky needs money for last minute gifts for Edna and the kids. He’s selling a Push to Talk, or PTT, and a dozen eggs. Maybe. Interesting that Sporty is selling the exact same thing for $24.95, but without the eggs. Not sure if it’s worth the $1.95 savings to have to deal with Sparky and get a dozen rooster bullets. Seems like the egg will be on Sparky this time.


4 thoughts on “Post 621: What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

    • [corey] it’s a phone mostly, now) accessory that mutes the speaker except for when the switch is closed. Quite literally, Push-to-talk.

      Radio microphones that are not voice-activated operate the tame way.

      Largely seen by retail employees on a party phone line system.

      Not what you’d call in broad use.


  1. Dood, we’re broke, an’ need pizza
    Duud, I got’s no scratch.
    Dood, you gots the PTT from Taco Malo when they fired you.
    Duud, yeah. Wazzat worth?
    Dood: Dunno, put it on CL

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