Post 622: Peg o’ My Heart?

Women Into Pegging & More – $0000069

post 622 pegging

Seeking gorgeous women who are curious, open minded, adventurous, giving and more!

28 yr old male seeking women who are not afraid to be nurturing and equally accepting free from judgment.
Tantric Peace and approach

Hmm. Sparky made it through Christmas without a date. But come New Year’s Eve, he wants to find a woman who will play with his Lite Brite board with him. Sadly, Craigslist no longer allows personal ads so it’s come to this pretense of playing a game when what he really wants is (consults Urban Dictionary) OMG!!! Uh. Tune in next time when I may have recovered my composure. Meanwhile, I have to send a strongly worded email to this guy.

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