Post 623: Exciting Opportunity

Metal Shopping Cart – $20
Rolling Metal Shopping Cart

Sparky is sharing an amazing, exciting opportunity for a change of life style! Yes, you, too, could put all that you own into a handful of trash bags and an old cooler, load it on this shopping cart, and go collect cans and bottles at the train station. You’ll love spending your days out of doors sharing stories with other homeless people who will look at you strangely. Because you speak in complete sentences, but you will learn how to stop doing that once the police talk to you. You’ll become well known at the soup kitchens and will probably adopt a dog or cat with more fleas than you have. People will give you free pet food, and some of that, I heard, is yummy.

Hurry! First person to give $20 to Sparky will get the cart and be on their way to endless happy days and almost free drugs. Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Post 623: Exciting Opportunity

  1. I’d take it but no self respecting redneck would be caught dead pushing that around unless it had a lift kit and mud gripper tires on it.
    (I know, I know, rednecks mod their own rigs)

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