Post 625: Fire Sale

Y’all know how I sometimes don’t get to a submission before the photos go bad. (Whenever possible, please copy the photos and attach to the email. I know, I’m a slug.) Anyway, only one picture survived from this submission but it pretty much tells enough of the story with the words that you’ll understand why this one is a perfect example of Sparky-ism.

Garage Sale!! Lots of Stuff!


It will be online sale, and you’ll have to come pick it up. I will host a Garage Sale at a park soon, will announce that when. For now it’s Online Sales. Pretty much almost everything is O.B.O.

Ab Lounge : $80 or o.b.o (it can fold and tuck away under sofa or bed!)
Wooden Round Table : $100.00 or o.b.o
Commercial Mop Bucket (Brand New) : $80 bucks as is.
Heater (an awesome heater) : $80 bucks
Electric Pencil Sharpener : $50 bucks or o.b.o
Baby or Pet Gate for doorway : $40 bucks
Gazebo, only the frame outskirt coverage : $40 bucks
Beach Umbrella : $30 bucks

Complete All Types of Exercise CD videos coms with toning materials for exercising: $200 or o.b.o
Brand Name Shampoo & Conditioner : $40 bucks
Blank CDS and some movies like “Twilight” : range from $5 bucks – $10 bucks
Notebooks, Journals, Blank or Line Papers : range from $2 bucks – $5 bucks
Family Guy Season 2 (I believe) on disc : $15 bucks
Lots of trinkets and jewelries : range from $2 – $5 bucks
Brand New Pet Fuzzy Harness : $10 bucks o.b.o
good BOOKS! $5 Bucks (use to cost me over $20 bucks even over $100 -.-)
Home Cordless phone : $20 bucks o.b.o
Brand New Purses AAA copy quality of brand names : $30 bucks
Brand New Flashlight no battery operated : $20 bucks

x2 Computer Monitors – $20 bucks each
x2 Ethernet boxes – $30 bucks each or O.B.O
Keyboard & mouse – $10 bucks o.b.o

Clothings, and a Costume – $5 bucks
Costume Wings made of high quality real feathers and materials – $300.00 as is

Why does it cost Sparky over twenty dollar bucks if we use the books? How do we know if we have the twenty or the one hundred book? Where did Sparky get all these obos? What’s he going to do with all that venison? And finally, the wings are only dollars, not bucks?

I certainly hope he managed to unload everything so there is no repeat offense here. Thanks, NinjaChow, I agree that the photos might have been taken while the garage was burning down. Or Sparky was cooking some venison inside it.

3 thoughts on “Post 625: Fire Sale

  1. Given sparkii language skills, we must wonder if the verb form is meant.

    Which would suggest jumping, leaping, bouncy bits of currency. Mind, it could also be Resist! Dollars.

    The adjective form cannot be ignored, either. Which is wobbly, as dollars are typically fungible; one might suppose dollar coinage or specie might be less base . . .
    What intrigues though are dollars requiring support. Although buttresses are going to be hard to squeeze into a billfold . . .

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