Post 626: Freestyle What, Now?

Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump – $230


Medela Freestyle Double Electric Hands-Free Breastpump

Like New Condition.
Lots of Extra bottles, extra cold pack bag.
Medela Easy Expression Hands Free Pumping Bustier.

I never had a chance to breastfeed, sadly, or I might have been less enthralled by this ad. But the concept of putting on a “bustier” attached to a pump and still being able to go about a few morning chores sounds like a plus! For a used but like new pump, it comes with all the attachments that any new mother could want for self-expression.

And the price isn’t bad. eBay has one for $210, but others are listed in the $300 range. Good thing Sparky doesn’t plan to have any more babies! I’ll just leave this in the lounge, in case anyone wants to practice their freestyle. Ahem. What?

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