Post 627: No Stress

Unpressure treated pallets


Unpressured treated pallets, cut into manageable sizes.

But why, Sparky? Pallets are good for building plant holders and fences and bookcases and all sorts of things you could do without but as long as you have the pallets, you gotta build it, right? If you cut them up, however, and they are only good for fire. But because they are pressure-treated, the fumes from burning would be toxic.

Do you mean these are NON-unpressure treated pallets? Well, now we’re talking! Thanks, Ralph, for the title and the ad.


5 thoughts on “Post 627: No Stress

  1. LoL NPT pallets are /more/ likely to take up and retain “spills” from whatever they were transporting (building a planter box of wood soaked with herbicide less than recommended).

    These are probably chopped up for being “doubles”–extra length pallets. These never pile up neatly.

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  2. Given the demand in both the secondary and the craft market, if these were of any value, they would have already been grabbed.

    Hmm, if only there were a word for things picked over by those knowledgeable of value . . .

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