Post 628: Urban Warfare


This time, it’s personal. We got kitchen stuff for your first apartment, we got multiple microwaves to warm up Hot Pockets with, we got rugs to cover that ugly ass linoleum floor in your 200 square foot studio. You want it, we go it. And the best part?


That’s right, frickers. Our loss is your gain.

Sparky loses junk when we pay him money, so how do we gain, again? Also, I hardly know this guy, how is that personal? As OMV said, This is pretty aggressive selling. It’s like a marine sergeant married an InfoMercial demonstrator and now they have two of everything. So they are going to sell, sell, sell. Thanks, One, I think I’ll keep my $5 and warm up my Hot Pockets© in the toaster.


9 thoughts on “Post 628: Urban Warfare

  1. There is this common perception that Marine sergeants are, mean, nasty, and dyspeptic. Which is incorrect. Marine sergeants are kind, caring, dedicated individuals who insist on holding you to standards you do not believe are possible.

    Now, persons who have not seen a cross of a bear, an orc, and a whippet can become confused by all the shouting, bared teeth, and the like . . .


  2. Something (ok a dozen clickbait sites on the web) suggests this sales “approach” would not be as well received as it has been given . . .

    One is forced to wonder if Spark’ has a “get me your manager” haircut . . .

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  3. Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Maybe if nobody wants to buy your stuff, you should get rid of it some other way.
    Getting mad at people for not wanting stuff that you also don’t want is ineffective.

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