Post 630: A Day at the Races

Wheelchairs & walkers


Free wheelchairs, walkers, misc nursing equipment.

Some items may needs work…

P/U immediately! Placed at 2:15pm…

Alley behind empty lot at NE corner of [This] & [That].


Police Officer: Uh, Sparky, where did you get so many wheelchairs, walkers, and etc.?

Sparky: I found them behind the government-run old folks home. Didn’t seem like anyone was using them.

PO: You aren’t sure? Did you ask anyone?

S: The place was shuttered, closed, no one in there for three weeks now. Looked like everyone was moved out and these were extra items.

PO: So you thought you would sell them

S: No, sir! These are free. All the people have to do is sign up for a heat in the derby I’m organizing for next weekend. First heat is wheelchairs, second is walkers, third is two-person team Medical bed. I’m really looking forward to that one.

PO: How is that going to work in your favor?

S: I’m charging spectators $25 bucks to attend. Should be quite the show.

PO: You can’t do that without a bunch of permits and a full medical staff standing by.

S: Officer, I’ll cut you in for half of it if you look the other way.

PO: (taking out handcuffs) I’m arresting you for trying to bribe an officer of the law. You have the right to remain silent.

Folks, you knew this would end badly for Sparky. How else would we know he’s really a Sparky? As contributor NinjaChow said, “I don’t think I want to know the story behind this one.” It’s okay, I made one up.


3 thoughts on “Post 630: A Day at the Races

  1. Actually, this looks like a sad comnentary on how medical insurance is not healthcare.

    Rather too many policies will simply replace a prescribed item, or reissue one on subsequent clinical visits, with no auditing of what has already been issued.

    “You are very sick, you need a wheelchair.
    But I’m feeling better.
    Off those crutches, you, it’s a wheelchair on your chart!
    But, I’m getting Better!
    No, you’re not! Now get in this chair!
    I don’t need 3 chairs, look I have walker!
    Shut up, I’m the professional here, you’re getting a chair!

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  2. Me, doctor?
    No, you patient, me doctor.
    Wheelchair, Doctor?
    No, wheelchair patient, me doctor!
    Walker, doctor?
    No, Walker, Texas Ranger, me doctor, you wheelchair.

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