Post 631: Sparky Math

Trade 2 rabbits for Parrot Bird

post 631 rabbits.jpg

Muriel and Eustace are their names, they are brother and sister lionhead/english spot mixes. Eustace is neutered but Muriel is not yet spayed.

I would like to trade for any kind of parrot classification bird, preferably a young cockatiel but i am open to taking in any lovely bird, maybe even a sweet pidgeon or something.

The rabbits wont come with a cage, theirs is breaking and will need replacement anyways. They are not to be used as snake food. They are pets and will bond with humans. I will want to see a nice living plan and setup for them to be happy, and will be glad to provide the same for the birdy.

I have had a cockatiel and a lovebird and know how to handle and hand train them and would like you to be experienced with rabbits too. Family life will be ideal for them as they like kids.

Thanks for you interest! Hit me up by phone or email.

Two rabbits equal one cockatiel or lovebird.

Three rabbits equal a small conure

Four rabbits equal a small macaw or cockatoo

Five rabbits equal a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

Six rabbits equal enough stew and dumplings for a large family.

Hey, at least they aren’t feeding a snake!


9 thoughts on “Post 631: Sparky Math

  1. A rose is but a rose
    But a rabbit might be a pigeon
    Mayhap a hare for a macaw.
    My kingdom for a horse,
    Unless you have a parrot bird (parrot llama need not apply)
    Out, out, dam (not spayed) Muriel
    Hie thee and Eustace to the breach at dread Harfleur, and bring back a European Swallow


  2. How young of a cockatiel do you want?
    A hatchling?
    A toddler?
    A prepubescent teen?
    Or maybe a cockatiel old enough you can liquored up and…

    Sorry folks, I’m tired and regret everything.


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