Post 632: Not the Weirdest

Vintage WWII Military Issue Under Garments. – $80


Now 4 pair of WWII military issue three button green under garments.


Size 32 inch waist.

Not the weirdest thing I’ve ever sold, but these are now in the top 5.

I am a collector of militaria.

Never been worn.

New Old Stock

But these are in pretty good condition for being manufactured in 1945.

Only one button missing, one pair has a small moth hole and only one pair has a makers mark.

“Goodenow Textiles Co.
Dated March 9, 1945
P.O. No 1664F
U. S. ARMY SPEC. 6-188B

Sorry, I no longer do business by email. Pleas call of text for fast reply.
And check out all the other treasures I have for sale.

Thanks for looking.

Mr [Person] / [Verb] N [Adjective] [Color]

I can attest that between You Suck at Craigslist and WTF Sparkyville, these are not even in the top 5 things of weirdness. These were never worn because the intended recipients came down with a bad case of militaria. I’ve known people who were told to grow a pair, but never anyone who claimed they sold a pair. Is there even a market for that? Genitalia, gently used? New Old Stock is now my favorite description of anything.


4 thoughts on “Post 632: Not the Weirdest

  1. Sigh, so much to [corey] here.
    Mind, I am a collector of militaria (that being uniforms & ephemera relating to military service; I specifically collect USN 1939 to present).
    So, it’s a worldwide niche market, with rather a lot of commerce. Which has changed over the years from musty surplus stores & travelling vendors to web based trading (eBay has a huge section for this).

    NOS has a long history in collector circles. Huge on the swap meet (cars) circuit. Basically, it’s unsold store inventory in original packaging. Which has strong cachet if one were, say, restoring a ’62 Dodge Dart, a NOS Voltage Regulator is much better than, say, a junk yard, ‘used’ example (or an ‘equivalent’ listing which is only “close” to OEM spec.

    Sone of the militarua community are also reenactors. Some of whom can be very committed to being period correct. To include underthings. NOS is clearly a bemefit in that case. They also want such items for putting into field packs, or for inventory display–the grand old military “junk on a bunk” laying out of all one’s government issue property.

    That price is some high, 1945 drawers are only getting $10-$15 on eBay.

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  2. Daryl, clean this stuff up!
    But, hunny, it’s NOS.
    I don’t care, sell it.
    [Looks at 20 boxes of surplus, pulls out 4 pair at random.]
    Ok, hunny, going on CL right now!

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