Post 633: Suzie’s Turn to Cry

Welcome to the first Pet Week of 2019!

FRRE Dog to Good Home looking for Companionship


Jack Russell Cross
Her name is Suzie or “Suzie Q”and she will be 13 years young on Halloween. She has had a full geriatric panel done ,that came back clean. She had a pancreatitis scan 8 years ago, so is on special food since, but is fine with her Diet Food. WE WILL SUPPLY 2 MONTHS OF FREE FOOD WITH HER. It has always been my mom’s Dog, whom is now suffering with Alzheimer’s. So we moved Mom &and Suzie in with us 2 years ago. We have had her for the past 2 years, as my mom lives with us and we also have a dog of our own. She has started to nip the odd time when food is about to be served to both Dogs. She would be great as a Single House Dog, where she is not competing for food or attention. She gets easily excited and now my mom is finding her bothersome, and does not know Suzie is her Dog anymore and Suzie will not leave my Mom alone, as she seeks her attention.. We love her to bits, but Suzie is needing more attention than our house can give. She is very loving &and sweet, enjoys cuddling beside you on the couch and sleeps. Not sure what else we can do other than asking for a caring home for her, we do not want to put her down at the Vets as she is a sweetie. If more information is needed please ask. Looking for a new home for her, with no young children. She likes to be petted and cuddled. Call LINDA (Here is her Picture, She is the one on the Right, White & Orange Spot Jack Russell cross/Terrier.

Oy, Linda! This breaks my heart. NinjaChow suggests, “Maybe keep Suzie and re-home Mom?  Why are there three dogs in the picture, Mom has Suzie and Sparky has a dog, is this more cat math/dog math?  Oh and also this is just sad.” Especially since dogs are very smart and can be taught not to nip and to stay down when Mom is around. I think the third dog is the FRRE one. I’ve often said that people don’t deserve dogs, but now I think Sparky should not be allowed to have them at all.

Thanks for the tearjerker, NC!

2 thoughts on “Post 633: Suzie’s Turn to Cry

  1. Tis a Tempest and not in a teapot
    Fractured Bard will strike no levity
    The heart will ache, and that’s the pity
    Emotions torn and rent not little but lot
    Leave us furthe from good resolution.

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