Post 635: Related to the Vorpal Bunny

Welcome to the last day of the first Pet Week of 2019!



Hi there!!
I am looking for someone who is experienced in trimming bunny’s nails.

A little about my bun, he doesn’t like to be picked up and he holds grudges. I do not want to scare him any longer by trying to pick him up and is hoping to find a “bad guy” that my bunny associates with.

I am looking for someone to come in at least once a month and trim his nails. Preferably someone who lives close to me. Payment can be discussed!!

I have attached a picture of my Lord And Savior – Mr Bunnors!

Tim: There he is!

King Arthur: Where?

Tim: There!

King Arthur: What? Behind the rabbit?

Tim: It *is* the rabbit!

King Arthur: You silly sod!

Tim: What?

King Arthur: You got us all worked up!

Tim: Well, that’s no ordinary rabbit.

King Arthur: Ohh.

Tim: That’s the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on! And he needs his nails trimmed! Here, hold him.

I suppose after that, you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring. Thanks, NinjaChow, I have been wondering what happened to the Vorpal Bunny after the Holy Hand Grenade went off.


7 thoughts on “Post 635: Related to the Vorpal Bunny

  1. Well, duh, spark’
    Did you ask the bunneh if it wanted to be raised up to deified status? Being an idol is a serious burden, particularly if all you want to do is loll in the hutch and gnaw veggies, maybe some nise wriggling.
    Nope, sorry, mate, none of that–it’s keeping the celestial spheres in proper motion, hearing the laments and pleas of your adherents, debating whether the world is wicked or not, coping with other deities and all that.

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  2. Sparky wants someone to make house calls for her “Lord and Savior.” I seem to recall something about Jesus washing the feet of the poor, not clipping their toenails. In any case, there is no record in discipleslist of Him seeking house calls by pedicurists.

    Take the wascally wabbit to a vet. The vet techs are trained to clip nails — cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, whatever. The whole procedure should take about 2 minutes and cost less than $20.


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