Post 637: Tramp!

Used functional ceiling fan with manual string controls. 3 fan speed settings and has a light.

So, Sparky, why is the ceiling fan on a trampoline? Does it only work if I hold it and jump toward the ceiling? I’m not a big fan of jumping. Guess I’ll just keep looking.


4 thoughts on “Post 637: Tramp!

  1. Some well meaning consumer protection organization stated that ceiling fans were the source of more household injuries than any other single fixture. Some significant number were to installation issues (poor/bad techniqus, wrong tools, botched replacement, etc.) The next cohort was “overhead misadventure” which was a mix of bad ladders, no ladders, poor safety while above the floor level, and using inappropriate items as ad hoc ladders.
    Last group was horseplay. And, sadly, equines were injured.
    The smallest injury group was electical mishaps. Which may be due to the binary nature of things electrical.

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  2. Here, I want a fan.

    Certainly, squire, that’ll be 5 obo.

    Will I need anything else?

    Well, you’ll need a hole saw, a retrofit fan hanger and j-box, some #8 screws, some #6 wire nuts, the ceiling mounting kit, a ladder or tall stepstool, and you’ll need an electrician if you want the separately switch the fan and the light. Which will be an additional $500.

    Er, can I just use a trampoline instead?

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  3. I would really like to get an outdoor ceiling fan. I could mount it above my trampoline. You know, because trampolines belong outside. The reason I don’t have one yet, is because I don’t have an outdoor ceiling.

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