Post 639: Women and Children First

 Long shot -couch set
The cushions are pretty beat up. The underside, where the cushions sit, on the large couch is missing the fabric. (Intact on the chair/love seat). The boats are in great condition. If you want them they are yours! Name a time.

1492! 1929! 2001! I wonder if these cushions can be used as a flotation device? Then I might not need the boats. I don’t know where I would put them. The furniture alone uses up all the room.

Thanks for this, Ralph, complete with title! I am forever grateful.


7 thoughts on “Post 639: Women and Children First

  1. To the Boats! To the boats, or
    Wall up the sofa with out English cushoons.
    When at piece, it behooves
    Furniture to take on the countenance of the divan,
    But in time of war to loveseat and chair.
    Yield, dread Harfleur, else we chaise-longue!

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