Post 641: Making You Complete

Complete Idiot’s Guide Day Trading Like a Pro – $20
I am selling book Complete Idiot’s Guide “Day Trading Like A Pro” by Jennifer Basye Sander and Peter J. Sander. This book is in excellent condition and pages are crisp.

Crisp pages like those thousand dollar bills that came rolling in, eh, Sparky? You must be selling it because you are a bazillionaire now. Like a pro! Unless it’s in excellent condition because you never read it. Oh, dear. Well, there’s always The Complete Moron’s Guide to Selling Things on Craigslist.


5 thoughts on “Post 641: Making You Complete

  1. If a person goes to enough DefCons, you learn a thing or two.
    Like, how most of the money in “day trading” is made by using bots to spam “penny stocks” in an illegal market manipulation.

    Modern spam filters have slamned a door on most of the unwitting co-conspiritors.


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