Post 642: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

NEW 5 Japan Rice Bowels 🎆 – $15

Post 642 Thats Racist

5 Rice Bowl Set
Made in Japan
► It’s Available when you see this AD. Don’t Need to Ask for Availability.

Sparky, you really shouldn’t doodad your ad up so much. Glad you got the word spelled right the second time but shouldn’t you be checking the whole ad for errors? Unlike this one.

Four 6″ green Tommy Bahama bowel. – $16

tommy bahama bowel

Four 6″ green Tommy Bahama bowel.
Microwave and dish washer ,never been used

You could get some good money for an unused bowel that is dishwasher safe. Enough to buy a dictionary. Then you can help this advertiser.

Feton Yellow Bowel Ruffled edge Vintage – $22

yellow ruffle edge bowel

Feton yellow bowel in great condition.

I disagree, Sparky. If your bowel is yellow and ruffled around the edge, you need help! Maybe our final ad today will be helpful.

Condamint Bowel Viceroy Blue & Gold Panels & Sliver Spoon Vintage – $42

condiment bowel

Condamint Bowel Viceroy spoon
Bowel Size: 3 1/8″ round 3″ tall
Description: Four Blue panels center Gold Flower and Gold side bars

Spoon: Viceroy Plate U.S.A
Size: 4 1/2″ long angeled

Wow, Sparky was born with a silver spoon in his bowel. The condamint doesn’t seem to have helped in spite of minty-ness. Life is not easy when your bowel is only 3 inches tall. Guess that’s why he needed to be angeled.


4 thoughts on “Post 642: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  1. Ophelia, hast thou lost thine bowel?
    No, O prince, but my Head.
    Are you sure, forsooth
    Something in Denmark rank rotten.
    Nay, sire, tis but my wits, ruffle-ed
    And wan golden they are, hie thee
    To medician, forthwith!
    Nay, dread Prince, a play is afoor
    With washer and wave unused
    Most pristine.
    Ensooth, some pristene ought cleasnse
    Present miasma most privy like.
    Not even unearthed Yoriick gave off
    This much corruption.
    Aye, sire, tis enou to drive one mad.
    Ophwlia, you are right round bend as is.
    [Exeunt en haste]

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