Post 643: Where’s the couch?

Two free couches
2 free reclining couches. From a home with a dog. Both have been recently professionally cleaned.

Sparky, let me splain a few things here. First of all, you have a love seat and chair. Imagine how upset Corey would be at this ad. Second, you have a dog and had to have the furniture professionally cleaned. I don’t want to think about how it smells now.

Another thing. You paid for a professional cleaning on items you are giving away for free? Wow.

NinjaChow, thanks for the ad and the title. So much suck in one ad.

5 thoughts on “Post 643: Where’s the couch?

  1. “Professionally cleaned”?
    The mind boggles.
    Did a relative pass in one?
    Was it part of a crime scene?
    Or, a motor vehicle accident?
    Oh, and spilling Alpo and having the dog lick it off, no matter how much you paid for the Alpo, is not “professional” cleaning (no matter how good the dog is with plates & dishes).

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  2. Oh, when is a couch not a couch?
    Is it for we mortals to divan?
    Or gentle to shins sofa?
    Can chair be too vulgar, as corrupt as
    Poor Yorick’s bones, settee?
    To sych questions doth the mind race,
    In chaise longue, bouncing about
    A reckless tête-a-tête strewn
    Dog cleaned cushions
    Sectional to see.

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  3. Sparky: Please define “recently.” That covers everything since the Pleistocene, which is when these “couches” appear to have been made.


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