Post 648: Snow Boat

Boat and trailer


Must take both it’s a 14ft boat I don’t know the history of it

Great photo, Sparky. Apparently, you can’t be bothered to brush some of the snow off of the boat and trailer so we can see anything about it. Or to look at the make of the boat. Or to use punctuation in the ad. As submitter Ralph suggests, the history is no doubt Antediluvian. Did the Ark have lifeboats?



4 thoughts on “Post 648: Snow Boat

  1. Gee, so, it’s a trailer with no wheels–there ought to be a word for something which resists moving . . .

    The boat is not /on/ the trailer, which does not sugfest a planned event separating the two.

    And, “boat” is unrelentingly vague.

    Nothing about this suggests success.

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  2. Moving the boat and trailer in over a foot of snow without heavy equipment is an all-day job. Maybe Sparky hopes someone will commit to the project before they discover they are both 50-year old pieces of junk, which would have been obvious without the snow cover.

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