Post 649: An Oldie But Not So Goodie

Comfy chair, well kept, clean


Non smoking non pets very comfy, well kept. If the ad is here, it’s still available

I’m trying to imagine Sparkie’s non smoking non pets that are very comfy and well kept, unlike the chair. As submitter NinjaChow said, “Clean?? Really Sparky what does dirty look like?”

I appreciate the submission, NC, but I certainly do not want to go there.


6 thoughts on “Post 649: An Oldie But Not So Goodie

  1. Ok, allowing for how that might only be a hideous fabric color (“Vern, Vern, I got it, let’s make fabric that looks filthy! We’ll be rich!”), how did Spark not look at the photo?

    O wait, I answered my iwn question.

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  2. Well, the chair IS non smoking. At least until someone sets it on fire.

    The fact that it is a chair makes it a non pet.

    I’m guessing the “clean” means it is off drugs now.

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