Post 650: May Bees be Upon You, Dummy

Beekeeping Books, Hive Management, Bee Manual, For Dummies – $25
All three in excellent condition

I feel like the next sentence would be, “unlike the beekeeper.” Why would a dummy want to keep bees, anyway? Bees can tell when a person is not up to their level of smarts. The end result could be swell.


7 thoughts on “Post 650: May Bees be Upon You, Dummy

  1. Am I not a beekeeper,
    Sting me, doth I not swell?
    Chase me, doth I not run?
    Why willst thou not hug me?
    Wait, I asked not for lap swarming!

    Salarino: You should’a gotten a hat with “Bee Tamer” onit.

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  2. Wut, wait, I gotsta _buy_ hives?
    Anna beez, too?
    An’ frames, scrapers, harvesters, an’ all?
    Ditch that, duud, imma gonna tame Not.A.Lions, gotz me a hat, an’ all!

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