Post 651: So Friendly, Much Hablo, Wow

Attention dog lovers
Adult female dog. She is friendly but don’t let anyone get close to her or touch her. She keep coming in and out of my property. It doesn’t look like she had an owner before. Hablo español.

Wait. By friendly, do you mean she isn’t attacking you? If she is unowned, perhaps she is a feral dog or a coyote? Hard to tell from the pictures. But at least she speaks Spanish. Also, what exactly are you trying to accomplish with this ad? No, forget I asked. Carry on.


5 thoughts on “Post 651: So Friendly, Much Hablo, Wow

  1. No doubt, Spark will have used the intertuubs to carefully research ways to approach dofs of unknown feral or crossbred status.

    Yeah, right.

    All sorts of stupit monkey gesticulating and babytalk noises, no doubt. I’d keep my distance, too.

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