Post 652: Grandma, What Big Grinders You Have

PENDING PICKUP Franklenstein’s Kludged together everything tool.


This is something that was created back in the 40s or 50s (based on the materials). Someone started with a singer treadle sewing machine base, then added 2 motors, a drill press, and 2 spindles – one loaded with buffing wheels, the other with grinders. It actually still works pretty well….

“Sherry Mae, where’s my old Singer sewing machine I gave you? I hear tell it might be worth some serious money these days.”

“Grandma Franklenstein, that old thing? Why, I gave it to Bobby Bill to mess around with. It’s out in the shed, I suppose.”

Later That Same Afternoon

“Grandma, put down that ax and stop chasing Bobby Bill! Duck, honey! She’s got a mean overhand throw!”

Thank you, Ralph, for this wonderful drama from the Heart of Sparkyville. And thanks, Sparky, for the period at the end of the title of your ad. Otherwise I might not have known when to stop.



4 thoughts on “Post 652: Grandma, What Big Grinders You Have

  1. Hmm, two schools on pronunciation of “kludge.” One is with a short “uh” leading vowel, the other with ainn “oo.”
    Neither school has achived primacy.

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  2. There was a time, in the history of machining, that combining multiple toos on one chassis was quite typical. This was to simplify setting up machine shops roun from water wheels, where you could not take any d number of belts off the common drive shaft.

    This form of industrial engineering was eclipsed by common availability of powerful electric motors. So, now, machining is done with one machine performing just the one action (or a cnc machining center).

    Home machinists broght up with that tradition carried it on. Which laso was convenient for working in, say a small garage or shed.

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