Post 654: Mama Ain’t Happy

Soda bottles


Here are 13 old, maybe not antique soda bottles. You can see the labels. 

Please help me! My wife said that no one would want these and they have been taking up room in our basement for years. Please take them!!!

They are free for the taking. I hate to put them in recycling before trying to find a new home for them.

Mrs. Sparky might be right. If you have any doubts about these being antiques, in the recycling they go! Then you’ll have room for the exercise equipment you never use and the grandkids’ art projects.

Ralph, don’t you think this Sparky deserves a little help? Thanks for the submission.


6 thoughts on “Post 654: Mama Ain’t Happy

  1. Now, if only there were a public sort of marketplace where an International audience could evaluate items as to their collectibilty, and indicate that with a price bid . . .

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  2. Oh my, eBay has bottles like that for $20-25, each.
    Mrs Spark gonna be mad after finding out there was close to $200 in old dusty bottles in the basement.

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