Post 656: Now Starring

This Sunday will be St. Patrick’s Day, one of my all-time favorite holidays. In honor of Irish persons everywhere, I went looking for the Dublin Craigslist and found this job offer that looks too good to be true.

Become Part of the Tremendous U.S. Film Industry (Worldwide)
compensation: 25k-50K Monthly
employment type: contract
telecommuting okay
***Looking to Work with Established Brokers and Agents
that have a Clientele that are Currently Investing
***We are a very Successful Ind. Film company
***9 Films in the last 7 years
***Netflix, Hulu, At&t and Sony have changed the Industry
***Excellent Cash Flow
*** IRA Qualified

Send your Contact Info. Immediately to be part of this
incredible industry.

Send Name, phone number and email

The O’Sparky Clan wants you to know this is a successful company. They are not affiliated with Netflix or any of the other companies named there, but they are hoping you won’t notice. Also, the US Film Industry is now worldwide. Tremendous people. Once you work with this group, you will be totally qualified for the Irish Republican Army. And just in case you aren’t sure what contact info actually is, the ad gives you details. Sounds legit to me. I wish there had been photos, but I’ll find one to go with it. Have a great weekend, folks.

post 656 star

5 thoughts on “Post 656: Now Starring

  1. 25-50k/month is 300-600 “k” per year.
    If that’s ketamine, MI5 & Customs & Excise are likely going raise at least an eyebrow.

    If it’s Special K, that’s not very gluten free. Not going to interest many actors like that.

    Pretty sure Eire uses the Euro, not the K.

    Would rather have Zimbabwe Dollars than kwatloos, too . . .

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  2. There’s probably a suitable rip from Merchant of Venice here, but none that would not be culturally offensive to PT Barnum, his ilk, heirs, and afents thereof.

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