Post 657: Baby Blues

Moving Sales! Furniture, Clothes, Baby, Shoes
Moving Sale!
Text to come by and look.
Not an open garage sale.

Sofa $250
Victorian Loveseat and chair $300
Tables all $10
Sleight bed (single) $100
Stroller $50
Car seat $40
Electronics (pos system, monitor, surround sound) all for $100
20 pairs of shoes (women’s 6) $100
Huge Box of mixed clothes (women’s S and M) good brands $100
Construction hard hat, vest, and straps $10

So a text is going to come by and look? The garage will be closed the whole time I’m there? How much for the baby? Really that’s the only thing I’m interested in, as will be Child Protective Services once I report this.

NinjaChow, thanks for alerting me to this moving sales. I can’t believe Sparky is selling the baby and admitting that his system is a POS.


5 thoughts on “Post 657: Baby Blues

  1. I’d be concerned about the sleight bed.
    Do you have to sneak up on it?
    Does it turn into a wabbit inna hat (or a not.a.wabbit, Rocky)?

    The sound system is POS? Would that be Point of Sale or Piece of “stuff” and do you need a merchant bank account to take Discover?

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  2. I come not to sell the garage, but to text it
    The clutter remains until sold
    The refuse another’s, interred
    The pos with the sublime.
    So let it be with garage
    Not open but text
    Now the poor wol weap
    And refuse with it
    O it burns, it burns.
    Not open, but with text.
    Trice offered, the crown, now pawned
    Ambition ought be made of sterner stuff
    And not sleight of bed
    Not open, but with text.
    My heart upon sleeve, there in stuff
    And, I await enclosure.

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  3. Sparky kyped the electronics and is now a pos (person of suspicion). That is why the garage is closed. To avoid surveillance until you are in possession.

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