Post 658: Grounded

Aircraft Tow Cart (10K pound tow rating) – $3500

post 658 grounded.jpg

Taylor Dunn 3 wheel precision aircraft tow vehicle with commercial forklift 24v battery and charger. Very high level of speed and direction control with AC motor that auto brakes when not driving. Ideal for moving aircraft in hanger and drivable so much easier than a hand held tow cart.

Gee, Sparky, I don’t know. I kind of like all the exercise I get moving a 747 with a hand held tow cart. This ad has been up for 13 days and, apparently, has not sold yet. Sparky did such a good job of parking the tow vehicle that I can imagine what he did with the planes. So happy that the vehicle auto brakes when not driving.


5 thoughts on “Post 658: Grounded

  1. Well, to get to a 10k tow weight, you are looking at a T-44 (Beech King Air 90).
    Used, those run about US$1.75 to $2.6 million. So, buyers might could afford to rent tge airfield diesel tractor, or fork over for a 40hp tractor themselves.

    Generally, you only need a tractor to get into tight hangars (renting hangar space is $$$$$$$$$), or if you are really, really bad at ground taxiing.

    So, since Spark used CL instead of, oh, Private Pulot, or General Aviation Today, or, even, the bulletin board at the airport . . . Tge lack of response is entirely typical.

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  2. That looks small enough I could use it as a rascal. Put a basket on that bugger and go shopping. The hard part is going to be buying 10,000lbs of groceries.

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