Post 659: Smooth Criminal

original oil on green velvet – $500
very nice antique 3 pannel dressing screen pre 1930 beceause the maker of the peice got murderd in his shop in chicago in 1930 and it,s still an unsolved case today. probablly the only one of it,s kind wood look excellent in a hunting lodge or high end house take a good look you will not be dissapointed . for the age of the peice good to excellent .take a good look folks thats 3 large paintings on velvet that you could take apart and hang on wall seperate or just hang on wall the way it is very nice peice. maynards auction sold this same peice 5 years ago and it had a pre auction estimate of 600 to 900 . My price is 500.00 and that is my ROCK bottom . Just because it,s a dressing screen don’t think it could not be hung on a wall and would look beautiful

What if I take the paintings apart and find a signed confession from the killer? I can’t get past the idea of the person who made the screen being killed in cold blood and now his art will hang in a hunting lodge. Sure, it’s probably better than being a shop keeper in 1930 Chicago. Sparky, I’m pretty sure your Rock Bottom is this ad, loaded with misspellings and lacking proper punctuation. I’d fix it for you for $600 American.

NinjaChow, where do you find these things? You are correct to say, “I don’t want to live in a world where painting on velvet is ever considered antique (or for that matter art).” Thanks for this mysterious mystery and keep on submitting them.


8 thoughts on “Post 659: Smooth Criminal

  1. Out, out, dam Spot
    One, two; don’t do it
    Afear’d velvet screen
    Called cops, of no avail
    Who would hae thought the
    Old panels to hae had so much oil
    Yet, screen’t thrice
    In ghostly haunts still.

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  2. It makes me sad to know that painting on velvet predates the tacky Elvis paintings of the sixties. Maybe the motive for the murder was to try to stop the idea before it became a trend, justifiable if you ask me.

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