Post 660: Ai Chihuahua!

Rehoming dog


am rehoming my 2yr.3mos.old chihuahua/ jack Russell.He loves the dog park and other dogs,since we leaving an apartment there’s no enough space for him is very loving & active Prefer someone who has time to spend with him and not leave him alone all day a retired person? There is a small rehoming fee to ensure he goes to a home that can take care of him.

NinjaChow wants to know, “How much room do you need for a chihuahua? (bonus points for spelling it right though) Honestly, this wee doggie would be happy to stay home with a few treats and another small pet to play with. Why not admit that the dog is likely to develop medical issues and you can’t afford to treat him. Notice no one ever needs to rehom a pigeon.

Also, do you mean “leaving an apartment” or “live in an apartment”? Guess we’ll never know. Thanks, NC, great find as always.


3 thoughts on “Post 660: Ai Chihuahua!

  1. Will guess that’s predictive text sparkii for ” we are keaving to move into zn apartment.”
    Which is clearly too many words to use at once without a librarian nearby to help.

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  2. The dog, clever, smart, and active
    The people, spent, dense, and indolent
    To Harfleur will yet flee
    To take up no visage
    In either peace nor war
    But to seek a new home for dog
    Spelt right across heaven & CL
    To ne’er dread a dire king
    Whose mines & breeches
    Rendered Welsh
    To keep fair dog active and in joy.
    So, Cry Havoc, and let slip
    The Chihuahuas of CL!


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