Post 661: Like a Brick Cage

Stacked cage

post 661 stacked.jpg

Large wood stacked cage

Uh. Sparky. No, it’s not. For one thing, the way you show it in the photo, it’s side by side cages, not stacked. Also, that looks suspiciously like metal to me. I could be wrong, but the top left of the cages has a glossy reflection that wood usually doesn’t have.

No price. Only one photo. Located in a very rural area. Pretty sure I will never be seen again if I go look at this “wooden” “stacked” cage.


9 thoughts on “Post 661: Like a Brick Cage

  1. Looking at the latches, I would say Sparky may have laid this on its side. Perhaps so the wind wouldn’t blow it over. Also so dirt and bugs would be stuck to the side of the cages instead of the bottom.

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