Post 662: All the Wrong Places

 Looking for small dog
My family is looking for small dog that is good with kids and other cats and also fixs and up to date shorts

So you need a cat-loving, kid-friendly pup who fixes things and wears the latest fashion in shorts. I have never seen anything like that on Craigslist. Best of luck, Sparky and fam.

NinjaChow said, “Puppy better be fashionably dressed.” Right? And that explains why Sparky isn’t going to rescue groups because they frown on making a pet work for a living. Of course, there was not photo with the ad and looking for dog shorts didn’t bring me much to choose from. I picked this one because it just about kilt me.

post 662 kilt.jpg


4 thoughts on “Post 662: All the Wrong Places

  1. “Kids & other cats”?
    Baby goats or humern chilluns–or is that imposing a species identity on the putitive canine?

    “Fixs”? Would that be instrumentality or sociopolitical or media-related?

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