Post 663: Shabby, Yes

Shabby Chic dresser


well used, but a nice shabby chic dresser for free

Submitter NinjaChow pointed out that the shabby is evident, the chic, not so much. Sparky gets points for not trying to get some outrageous amount of money to have someone haul his or her junk away. Given the exchange rate with Canada, even a free item like this could come with a price tag. If I take the dresser, will Sparky owe me money?

Thanks for the submission, NC!


4 thoughts on “Post 663: Shabby, Yes

  1. Look, a Five Draw Dresser
    Three sire.
    Er, a Three Draw Dresser, then!
    It’s not a very nice one, sire.
    But, it’s from Xastle Anthrax!
    The one that sank, sire?
    No, the one that burned, then sank.
    Ah, that explains it, sire.

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