Post 664: Too Far Gone

Free Couch


Located on the street on #th St. west of Swan. I’ll remove the listing once it’s gone.

Yeah, Sparky, here’s the thing. This couch has sung its swan song. It has joined the choir invisible and shuffled off this mortal coil. Probably shuffled off a few springs and a lot of stuffing. So you call up one of those junk hauling companies and pay good money to have it removed. Otherwise, we might be forced to add a coffee table and a lamp, maybe a rug. And nobody wants that.

Thanks for the submission, Ralph! And thanks for the title. This thing is “Too far gone already.”


4 thoughts on “Post 664: Too Far Gone

  1. In the real world, most municipalities have this thing called Solid Waste Collection. Which typically includes a specific day in a month for Bulky Residential Waste., where objects that do not ordinarily fit in garbage trucks are hauled away.
    In fact many of those same municipalities have rules on piling refuse on the curb more than a certain number of days before that collection.

    Being externally aware is ever so complicated

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