Post 666: Devil in the Details

3 speed Beach Cruiser – $175
***added wide Velo seat***
26″ Mongoose aluminum 3 speed cruiser, completely refurbished and painted Satan Apple Red. Alloy wheels, alloy front hub, stainless steel spokes. Nexus three speed with coaster brake. New tires and tubes. New seat, alloy seat post, alloy neck, alloy front chain ring. Needs nothing. Ready to ride.

That is the shade of red I associate with Satan! Well done, Sparky. You will have loads of people contacting you about the bike. Not necessarily to buy it. Lots to try to save your soul. But it’s too late! You’ve already ridden the Satan Apple Red Cruiser.


4 thoughts on “Post 666: Devil in the Details

  1. “Needs Nothing.”

    I have so much of nothing. I can definitely fill your needs for nothing. You’ll never need nothing again.


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