Post 668: Sad Kitty is Sad and Naked

1 year male pure persian cat not fixed
Shots updated dewormed defleaed. Healthy cuddly. Friendly to everyone everything. Pick up only. If you are only viewing not buying please pass. He is shaved now.

NinjaChow sent in this sad kitty and I have to agree with her. Even though he still has his reproductive bits, he feels like a poodle and is very sad. I’m relieved that he’s a healthy cuddly instead of a sick cuddly. I bet you would get more interested buyers if there were a price included.

Snarkers more familiar with Photoshop can tell if the picture of the adult cat has been enhanced, though why would you? The kitten could be a stock photo, nothing says it’s the same cat. I think this could end up being a bait and switch style of thing. Scary! You think you’re going to get a pure-bred cat, but you end up with one of Sparky’s ugly alley cats. Don’t trust CL and don’t trust Sparky. The end.


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