Post 669: Trying Too Hard

Lots of items – Early bird sale 
Several boxes of things plus “things outside the box”.

I’ll answer emails asking if there are any . . . whatever. (No stereo equipment).

Won’t be having anyone rummaging through the boxes. (That would be a rummage sale).

I’m organizing those items now. This is a pre-sale early bird call.

More items to be photographed.

Just tell me what items you are looking for, what you want, what you really really want. (a spice rack; etc).

Place your order, and if I have it, you can buy the whole box. Won’t be having you taking only what you want. You really, really want a spice rack. I can tell from your email. No stereo equipment, my ex took that. The early bird will get the box of worms. No returns!

Thanks for submitting this, NinjaChow. Good work in finding the snarkable.


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