Post 670: Nice Racket

4 vintage tennis racquets-Connors Evert – $12
4 vintage tennis racquets-
Jimmy Connors
Chris Evert(needs restringing)
Don Budge(rare)
Alex Olmendo(shows some wear)

$15- cash

You know, tennis rackets were said to be strung with cat gut at one time. Maybe that’s why Sparky let the cat do the math here. If you take the Connors Evert “racquets” you only pay $12. But if you take all of them, it’s going to cost you $15. But what if I just want the Don Budge and Alex Olmendo? Would that be $3?

Look out, cat. The Evert needs restringing.


2 thoughts on “Post 670: Nice Racket

  1. If only there were a place, an international place, where collectors of various things could search out and either bid upon, or buy outright, items they desire . . .

    A place that tends to negate cat math by putting the math in competent hands . . .

    If only Pierre Omidyar would incent such a thing in 1995 . . .

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