Post 671: Do Not Look Directly At the Legal Counsel


post 041919 legal

After 18 successful years as a California solo practitioner, I left the daily grind
for my spot in the sun out here deep in the country. At this point, I seek clients
whose needs I can meet entirely from my home office.

Including my 9 years of work as a certificated paralegal, I have well over 25
years of experience in litigation, family law and bankruptcy and a solid
background in transactions, business formation and all aspects of contracts.
As a litigator, I focused primarily on developing my cases through detailed case
analysis, investigations and strategic discovery. I took nearly every case that
came my way, including, among others, breach of contract, fraud, non-marital
cohabitation, business disputes, personal injury, real property, partition,
consumer rights, civil rights and trade labeling.

As a family law attorney, I’m expert in complex property issues, high impact
custody disputes, including abductions, and, of course, support and domestic

In all my matters, I focused primarily on developing the issues in such a
manner as to make settlement the sole option for opposing counsel. My
strategy involved detailed case analysis, investigation and well-placed discovery.

My record was spectacular. I never missed a beat.

I’m brilliant, articulate, focused, hard-headed and honest.

I ran my law practice and, prior to that, my paralegal business, from a
home office for 23 years. I conducted all my own legal research and drafted
every pleading with my own hand.

I’m fully capable as a consultant, administrator, researcher and legal writer. I
enjoy working with clients. I especially enjoy nail-biting, detailed analysis of
immense amounts of information — the kind that also, hands down, wins cases
in and out of court.

I can mentor solo practitioners, serve in an “of counsel” or general counsel
capacity,provide support as a sophisticated associate or paralegal, produce
impeccable documents, manage overflow, ensure your deadlines are met,
interview clients to address their concerns and certainly assist with strategy
and presentation.

I don’t need to be paid as a lawyer. I’m happy to serve as support. I seek to
establish relationships, albeit remote ones and currently dream of putting my
extensive, knowledge, skill, training and experience to good use, hopefully for
great people who enjoy having me on board!

Feel free to call! Let’s talk!

Negotiable hourly. Resume and references on request.

Sometimes, less is more. For instance, that one lack of space after a comma stands out due to the near perfection of the rest of the discourse. The N dash where an M dash should be also draws the eye. An editor might be something you need. Or even spell check.

Pretty sure you can take your spectacular record and sit on it. Then you’ll be brilliant, articulate, focused, hard-headed, honest, and never miss those beats. (Full disclosure: I actually may contact this person to see what he/she knows about publishing rights.) PS — Please don’t sue me.


4 thoughts on “Post 671: Do Not Look Directly At the Legal Counsel

  1. Wow, wall o’ text, supposed barrister.
    And, all work-at-home?
    Kind of hard to telecommute to a courthouse.
    Perhaps that’s why the claim to have settled all claims.

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