Post 672: O’er the Ramp Parts we watched…

Ramp parts


Turn a 2×6 into a perfect ramp with these! FREE!!!

Wow! Absolutely free parts that I have no idea how to deal with! My car is a 4×4, so it’s not for that. I have a closet that is 2 feet by six feet, but a ramp would get in the way. I give up. Snarky commentators, do your worst! Tell me what to do with these parts.


5 thoughts on “Post 672: O’er the Ramp Parts we watched…

  1. The [corey] of this is that you are meant to have a suitable length of 2×6 lumber, and you affix these metal bits to the end of that lumber so as to have a metal lip significantly thinner than the 1.5″ dimension of the lumber.

    Tricky part is just how one affixes these ends. For instance, 1/2″ x #4 screws would not suffice in the least. If I remember the included destructions with the clips, a 1 1/2″ x #8 flat head screw is recommended. Spark has failed to include such paperwork here, so the putative CL buyer is on their own.

    These are mostly off the market, as sparkii would use nails or cabient door screws to afix these, then they would fail halfway to the truck bed with a loaded refrigerator upon them.
    Or, they’d try to load 900# of atv using the lowered tailgate, which, being rated for only 250-300#, would promptly fail.
    Both of those winding the mfgr in court for making a “defective product” necessitating a huge payout to hungry lawyers (and sparkii with delusions of riches).


  2. To the ramps! To the ramps!
    Or fit them with English lumber!
    When in time of peace
    Nothing so becomes as buying
    Suitable ramps,
    But, in time of War, better
    To take up the visage of
    Not.a.Lion and bodge some sort
    Of makeshift using stuff from CL
    Lest dread Harfleur fall upon our feet!


  3. Alas, poor Spark.
    Look, Horatio, tis Spark
    Who hath lived a few doors down
    How he used to rollick and amble
    Buttering carpets and bedazzling hooves
    Why, what–ah, youn Spark was laid
    Low by using DIY ramps to try and
    Load a cyclotron in his Yugo.
    Gravekeeper, how long hath these lain here?
    See, Hortaion, but a fortnight since
    Stone sunk into swamp, and
    Lights shorted out anon.
    Now, quick, we must to Ophelia!


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