Post 674: Allen Wrench, STAT!

FREE Ikea office desks
3x ikea office desks of various sizes
1x extension desk
Legs and misc things

Must pick up all at once.
In okay condition, minor scuffs, minor peeling on one.

Must pick up today. Text only if available for pick up TODAY. Located close to Street and El Via Otro.

If ad is up, then items are still available.


Sparky, make up your mind. Are the desks 3X or various sizes? What am I supposed to do with the misc things? Don’t answer that! I don’t think I can pick all of it up at once. I can see they are in good condition, they look exactly like they do out of the box. Hey, you’re going to get into serious trouble with minors peeling on the desks! I think I will skip this bargain.


7 thoughts on “Post 674: Allen Wrench, STAT!

  1. Friends, sparkii, CL readers,
    Lend me your cars (& trucks)
    I come not to throw out the trash,
    But to give it away.
    The clutter Cousin Tony leaves
    Lives well past expiry date
    The good has already gone to the bin
    So let it be with desks.
    Noble Tony hath said it was Ikea
    If so, how greivously hath it suffered
    And here, suffering, it lies,
    By leave of Tony and his crew.
    For Tony is an honorable man.


  2. I know I can’t pick up all at once — that particle board is really heavy. And I can’t pick it up today. That would be really fast.

    Sparky is looking for someone with a particle accelerator.

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  3. I’m interested in the legs and misc things.
    Maybe there is enough misc things to make a major award. I can just imagine how jealous my neighbors will be when I display that in my front window.

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