Post 676: Not.A.Doberman.

Friendly Playful Doberman Puppies To Good Homes!
We have 4 sweet boy puppies looking for loving homes! They are family raised and are great with kids and other dogs and cats!! Very friendly and playful personalities!
They have been Flea treated and De-Wormed. They will have their shots done at 8 weeks when they are ready to go to their new homes! To good homes only! Re-homing fee applies.

You are welcome to come and pick your favorite one and we will hold him for you till they are ready to go home (the last week in April)!!
For more info call or text#

I forgot to mention that we are in the middle of another Pet Week. And this ad is a lot of hooey. Not one of the pups in the photos are Dobermans. We have a pair of labs and some Rottweiler pups. Of course, your average CL shopper might not know the difference. A Dobbie puppy will be more slender, have sleek fur instead of fuzzy. And always will have a mix of colors, not one solid color. So neener. Here to express their dismay at being so badly maligned are a bunch of Doberman puppies.

post 676 doberman


4 thoughts on “Post 676: Not.A.Doberman.

  1. How much is that dobie in the window?
    Er, nope, not right.
    Wait, what’s that group, the Dobie Brothers?
    Three dobie night?
    Nope, that was a bullfrog named Jeremiah, and there’s four here any way.
    Oh spritz, just post it on CL!

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