Post 677: D-I-V-O-R-C-E

1yr old french bulldog

post 677 divorce

1yr old female french bulldog for rehoming, No health issues great with kids dogs and cats, crate trained, mostly house trained, great family dog, Divorce is reason for rehoming, fee applys, if interested please email with a little about yourself and any questions you may have.

Dear Sparky, I’m 30, single, two kids, I love to go for long walks on the river and dress my dogs up like Disney characters. I’m looking for a Minnie Mouse and your Frenchie would work perfectly. Hit me up.

Ever since Craigslist stopped allowing personal ads, people have had to find creative ways to connect. NinjaChow sent this in with the question, “Who is getting divorced, Sparky or the dogs?” From the looks on the puppers faces, it’s both! Thanks for the ad, NC!


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