Post 679: So Thoughtful

I’m not going to post the whole ad, basically, it’s decent. There’s merely one word misused or misspelled that is a deal breaker.

$100 / 1br – 200ft2 – COMIC-CON OPEN~Centrally Located~Trolley ~Conv Cntr /Bay/Gaslamp/Petco (San Diego, CA)

post 679 bowels

LOCATION: The Convention Center is less than 1 mile (0.93) right before/next to the Hilton San Diego Bayfront
Inside our Bungalow/Efficiency Studio :
Sleeps 1-2 ( 2 Guests maximum) 200sf
Kitchenette has a full size microwave, toaster-oven, induction burner, an electric burner, plates, bowels, glasses, wine glasses, silverware, 4 cup coffee maker, French press, and much more… (coffee to start your stay)
Initial supply of travel size soap and shampoo, full size body-wash, liquid hand soap, 2 rolls of toilet paper.

Yeah, $100 per day during ComicCon is great. But, geez, if there’s going to be extra bowels involved you should at least throw in a few more rolls of TP. I’m just saying, no hot tub and more body parts than needed, I’ll skip this one.


3 thoughts on “Post 679: So Thoughtful

  1. Does the 200sf include the bathroom?

    Bathroom tends to be 8.5′ x 5′, which is 42.5sf, leaving only 157.5sf for the kitchenette. Kitchenette is typically 8×4′, for another 32sf. Leaves 125.5 for bed & zll other furniture and circulation. Or a space if about 12 x 10. A full bed is 32sf; a queen is 42sf.

    And that’s not leaving room for bowels.

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  2. O hark, what dawns there
    Tis Comicon mayhap
    But might be privy, instead
    Oh cruel fortune
    To spend king’s ransom
    And not know
    How bowls bowel

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