Post 680: Clear the Deck

Free redwood from 20-year old deck
The deck is 20 years old, however most planks are good. It’s been oiled twice in the 20 years, however it’s weathered and some planks are broken.
If you can dis-assemble and haul, please email me. Thank you.

Sparky could be as dumb as a post to think that much old redwood is worth time and labor for someone to pull it apart and haul away. I haven’t checked the market lately on weathered redwood, but I am nearly certain that he or she is going to need to sweeten the deal before he gets an answer. I’ll check back in a couple months and see if this ad is still up. Or not.


5 thoughts on “Post 680: Clear the Deck

  1. Wow. That “redwood” was not a high quality (like not even No. 2) when it was new. So, probably a lot of sapwood to start with. And now, it’s checked and split and dried out. Just by eyeball, 50% of that goes straight to the bin, and the rest is losing about 25% of its length just cutting back to “good” wood.

    Some of the structural bits might be partially salvaged–but the key there is “partially.” A 4×6 redwood timber is plenty spendy. But not when it’s cut down to 4 or 5 foot long and has the top 1.5″ planed off to make it “good” again.

    Sparky must think we’re saps . . .

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