Post 681: Your Mileage May Vary

Chubby/Bear met in [AP] [A Place]
We met at auto salvage yard,,, I gave service,,, let’s do it again,,. 😗

Questions! I have so many questions. Is Chubby/Bear writing this ad or the person or persons he serviced? Does he or she enjoy finding salvage parts to replace dead parts on a car? How many times did he rotate her tires? If the service was that good, why did he leave without getting her number, or vice versa? AND WHAT’S WITH THE COMMAS?

Whoa, I think I blew a gasket. I better head over to the salvage yard and see if they have good service, too.


3 thoughts on “Post 681: Your Mileage May Vary

  1. My Bardic basket is empty for this one.

    Horrific tbought: Spark is trying to vend its glorious experience at the junk yard, and was distracted by thougts of being buttered and wrapped in floor mats . . .

    O Edgar Allen, Edgar Allen, where did you lut that solution again?

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