Post 682: Sour Grapes Much?

Fire sprinkler heads for inside the house

post 682 spinklers

I think these are two new ones California now requires all houses to be sprinklered and solar welcome to the land of the free and the home of the brave

Sparky. You can’t simply put up a sprinkler head and expect it to work. There needs to be some plumbing attached. Just like there should be punctuation in your sentence. These were in the free section, but I’m kind of worried, by that part, that you might be sitting out there with a concealed carry, waiting to blow away your fellow Americans of the California persuasion. Keep your sprinklers. Get some counseling.

Is “sprinklered” a word?


8 thoughts on “Post 682: Sour Grapes Much?

  1. Reasonably safe, CA doesn’t issue carry permits (except to the super rich).

    House burning down in a wildfire for having a junk 13D fire sprinkler install, on the other hand . . .

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  2. Ok, plowed through the CA State Building Code.
    NFPA 13D (residential) sprinkler systems are only required in State designated Medium or High risk areas. And only for new construction, or renovations > 40% of existing.
    “Solar” is a bit more slippery. Yes, you cannot use screw base lamps in recessed ceiling fixtures unless they are CA compliant lamps (and existing fixtures are “grandfathered”).
    You are required to insulate to 2015 IEEC standards for new construction.

    Sheesh Spark, lay of the bud a bit.

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