Post 683: Baby, You Can’t Drive My Van

Amazon is Hiring Full Time Delivery Drivers in [Location]!

post 683 amazon drivers

Be a part of the magic that happens when you place an order on Amazon

Apply Now!

We’re Hiring FULL TIME Delivery Drivers in [Location]!
Hourly Pay Rate: $16.25
No CDL or personal vehicle required
Note to Applicants – This posting is for the Seasonal Delivery Associate role, not the Amazon Flex Driver role.
Apply online


Bet you didn’t know Sparky worked for Amazon, huh? What made me select this ad on CL was the note that a California Driver’s License is not a requirement for a job where you will be driving all day long. So I clicked on Apply Now, in case this, in spite of the wording of the ad, was a warehouse type job, but no, it’s for a driver position. And on that page, it does say that you do need a valid CDL.

What Amazon Sparky should have said was that no special class license was required. I wonder how many of his fellow Sparkies click and fill out the app and then are disappointed in not being selected because they don’t meet the requirements? Anyway, might be a good idea to avoid those vans when you see them on the road. Just a PSA from Sparkyville.


5 thoughts on “Post 683: Baby, You Can’t Drive My Van

  1. It’s a picyune point, but, in the driving trade, “CDL” is well-kmown parlance for Commercial Driver’s License.

    The more fine point is that, CA probably requires a CDL while being employed as a comnercial driver, if that is one’s primary job description. Several states require delivery drivers to have CDL. Now, some wmployers skirt this by writing non-driving duties into the delivery driver job description. Others just make the position p/t (which is very dicey, legally).

    For a make you ho “hmmm” UPS “seasonal” drivers (who must have a CDL) $20.50/hr, which can be filled by “staffing agencies ” So. The question becomes how much is Spark being paid to pay out a paltry $16.25?

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  2. [cory]I too drive for hire. I am not required to have a CDL. Federally, the vehicle must be below 26000 gvwr. (At least that is the way it was when I drove commercial vehicles.) Many employers require their drivers to have a CDL without the qualifying vehicles so they believe they will get better drivers.[\cory]

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  3. Also note that Congress tried to pass a law that would require people like me to have a CDL a few years ago, but it didn’t pass. I drive an Expedition.

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