Post 684: Need More Input

 Teeny tiny fluffy bundle of love
I have the most lovely, teeny tiny, healthy, 6 month old, bundle of joy, that I would like to gift to a special person who needs this love in their lives for the next 15 years, someone who is lonely maybe, someone who dreams, and longs for a tiny life to care for, but perhaps feels they could never afford to purchase a babe with the prices folks are asking these days. Maybe you have a grandma/pa , maybe it is yourself… A pup, can give unsurmountable love and joy to a lonely day.
This little babe is wonderful, perky, happy, has all her shots. Is teeny, fragile, and very funny.
If you would like to share your story with me, I, would love to give her to a wonderful caring forever home, one where she will be the centre of your world 🙂

Sparky, why do you keep using euphemisms for this pup? Did you know — Pup means the babies of several species of animals, such as:

  • Dog.
  • Other members of the canine family (a group of animals)
  • Seal.
  • Shark.
  • Fox.
  • Mouse.
  • Ring-tailed lemur.
  • Rat.

As NinjaChow said, “No picture on this ad and the Google Map location puts Sparky in the ocean so I’m not sure that it is a dog, could be a seal or a shark or some other animal that’s young is referred to as a pup.” So while there is lots to point at like the punctuation and spelling, I’m just gonna say, “Huh?” and leave it at that.

8 thoughts on “Post 684: Need More Input

  1. [Knocks on barred door]
    Harfleur, it’s me, Harry, open up please.
    No, I know what it looks like, but, really, Harfleur, lookit, see, just puppies, cute bundles of cuddly puppies (sssh, tis peacetime, makit puppylike you dogs!)

    See how cuddly, and warm, abd givibg they are. They love children and old people…
    “Yar, kurb ya long’t time!”
    (Hush, knave, lest I wag your tail about your cap, varlot!)

    C’mon, Hon, just open the door. Just a little. We’ll stay outside, I promise.
    Just bundkes if joy waiting to be, er, ah, adopted, yeah, thassit, adopted.

    “Sire, I don’t think they’re buying it.”
    Ok, explode the mine and breach the wall, then. They don’t like puppies, perhaps lions! “Ah, sire, ‘tigers’ mayhaps?”

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