Post 685: The Empire Crumbles

Ottoman free

Post 685 otto 2.jpgpost 685 otto 1.jpg

Free ottoman from Camerich sofa.
Grey fabric.

At first, I was like, Nu-ah, that’s not an ottoman. Then I looked up Camerich sofa and found the very item with the very expensive price tag. Now I’m wondering which part of it is 5’ x 5’. Your ottoman is bigger than my dining room table. Your ottoman is almost as big as Rhode Island. Your ottoman is designed to go with one specific sofa. Throw in that sofa for free, and you got yourself a deal.

6 thoughts on “Post 685: The Empire Crumbles

  1. Well, the catalog page siggests that’s a C0102013, which is 156 x 156 cm, or 61.43″ square(ish).
    Gor the truly curious, the notvh bit is 34 x 52cm (13.38 x 20.47″)
    The whole critter is only 34cm (13.38″) tall, which is pretty short for an automan.
    Which is only matched by the singular Casa line of Camerich sofas. (Most US seating runs to 45-46cm tall, as that is a fairly natural back-of-knee height.

    The sofa runs about £2500; ottoman a mere £700. Which is a lot of kwatloo.

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  2. Who is this new anon?
    Master, is the Moorish Prince, Ottoman.
    You don’t say. How comes he to our shores?
    Free, it is said, Master.
    Free? Imagine that, Moor unencumbered with wives . . .
    No, Master, I suspect he is free of funds.
    Well, wouldn’t you be, after a dozen divorces?
    I cannot imagine it, master.
    Quite. So, no sonnet, then.
    Mayhap a tragedy. And he, hm, smothers his wives, rather than divorcing them…
    A hit, master, a certain hit!
    Name has to ho, though. But, what? Automan; Outumen; Ominum?
    Oh Tell a Fellow!

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  3. Why, oh why is my sofa ottoman free.
    Rather it be snake free.
    Rather it be Auntie stain free.
    Rather it be duct tape free.
    Otters (man free), welcome.

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