Post 687: Anatomy of a Sale

This Sparky is selling his Honda Goldwing motorcycle for a lot of money. He includes lots of details which would be of interest to potential buyers, like so:

F6B Honda Goldwing 2013 – $10500
Honda F6B Goldwing For Sale $10500.00 242400 miles currently.
Oil / Filter changed every 4000 miles or sooner. Extras Include: Klockwerks Windshield, J&M Speakers, Kuryakin Highway Pegs, added OEM Back Rest and Luggage Rack. Newer front and rear Michelin Commander II tires and rear brakes recently done. Text or call Mark G.

There are lots of photos, some that raise questions like, why park so you are partially blocking a persons with disabilities space? And your driveway wasn’t good enough?

But then the real treasure is in the last few lines.

I do not need help selling the bike. Reasonable Offers considered
Pink slip in hand.. No Scams, Tattoos or trades.

Darn! I was gonna offer him a trade, the bike for a tattoo of my phone saying Scam Likely. Again, the questions are springing up. Do people really try to trade a tattoo for a bike? Or try to help sell it for a cut of the profit? I have seriously been missing out on some streams of income.

post 687 tattoo


5 thoughts on “Post 687: Anatomy of a Sale

  1. One of the “stock” scams infesting CL is an offer to help a person sell their item. They are to wait until a cashier’s check for some amount arrives, and remit the difference to the sender.

    The more significant digits in your selling price, the more the volume of scam offers are received.

    Sadly, just saying that in your ad will have no effect upon the scammers, who use bots to cull ads to the scammers.

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  2. The day dawns, as it might, as it will
    Mild, meek and calm, or riotous in storm
    Yet, for some, time stands still
    Young and straight and stooped and old
    Single and grouped, alone and en masse
    Passed by most, unaware of the cost
    A great gulf of misunderstanding, ever so vast
    Yet, the vigil is kept, roll call of the lost
    Weep for them if you will, neither first nor last
    Insist not upon their joy or elation
    Ere you know not the cost.
    They wil aver is hard to walk a mile
    In the shoes of giants.


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