Post 689: Bamboozled

Bamboo Freebord – $100
Lightly used. Thought I would enjoy it but I don’t have the time to find good locations to use it. My loss your gain, was over $300 when I got it. Feel free to ask any questions,
TAGS: Skateboard Longboard Snowboard Freeboard Deck Trucks

My first question is, if it’s free, why are you charging $100?

My third question is, is this a board or a bord?

My fifth and final question is, if you have $300 to throw away like this, why not rescue an animal or help the homeless?

My second and fourth questions are, how stupid are you?


5 thoughts on “Post 689: Bamboozled

  1. 1. What is your name?
    Q. Quentin.
    2. What is your favorite song?
    Q. Freebord!
    3. What is the purpose of having a totally unrelated word like snowboard in your tags?
    Q. Ummmm…

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  2. This is clearly a situation where we need a dedicated shredder, lie Duck to comment.

    On a related note, is it not sobering to consider that Duck is now old enough to drive & be employed?

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  3. Freeboard, n., that portion of a vessel above its draft waterline. By extension, the amount of absolute buoyancy volume before the vessel is submerged.

    Colloquially, to abide at another’s expense (see also, mooch).

    Bord, n., a passage at right angles to the main seam or lode of an underground mine. A freebord is more of a communications passage than an adit, which is more typically for drainage.

    In sparkii it is probably a vegetable made up entirely of meat protein.

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